Astralamp - Dust Cover

Astralamp Covers

We appreciate that often the product you need is not available off the shelf. For that reason, Randflex offers a professional design / develop service to make the item that meets your specific need. 

An example of this is the Astralamp – Dust Covers which were developed and moulded for Seaton Delaval in Victoria. These beautiful mausoleum lamps required a custom made cover to perform a practical function while also complimenting its striking, high end appearance.

Jewel Shape

Teravas' parent company worked closely with Seaton Delaval to design, prototype and create the tooling needed to produce these unique items. The custom moulded dust caps resolved a specific need while maintaining the aesthetic standard our client required.

If you require a product that is not available anywhere, contact Randflex for advice on how making that product might be made possible.

Link to Astralamp brochure